Terms and Conditions

1. Interpretation

In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context requires otherwise, the following expressions will have the following meanings:
“Arrival date” refers to the date on which the Client’s stay at the Hostel should begin, according to the details of the reservation.
“Reservation” refers to the accommodation reservation made by the Client and the rest of the products and services that are described in the Reservation, accepted by A Filla do Mar.
“Reservation details” refers to the details of the Reservation, including the number of Guests, the number of rooms required, the length of the Guest’s stay at the Hostel and any other product or service that must be included in the Reservation.
“Expenses” refers to the expenses that the Client must pay in relation to the Reservation.
“Contract” refers to the contract between the Client and A Filla do Mar in relation to the Reservation.
“Client” refers to the person who makes the Reservation.
“A Filla do Mar” refers to the establishments where the client makes the accommodation reservation.
“Guests” refers to the Client and any third party that he or she invites to the Hostel in connection with the Reservation.

2. Reservations

2.1 Clients can request Reservations through the A Filla do Mar website or by contacting the A Filla do Mar staff.
2.2 When making the Reservation, Clients must provide identification data including, among others, their name, address, contact telephone number, email address and credit card information as a guarantee, if applicable.
2.3 Reservation requests should not be considered accepted unless and until A Filla do Mar confirms their admission and provides a reservation reference, at which time the Contract will enter into force.
2.4 Subject to clause 4, A Filla do Mar will endeavor as far as possible to accept any request by the Client to change the details of the reservation. Although requests to change the date or the extension of the stay or the addition of products or services will be subject to their availability; and the Client must pay for the extension of the stay or the products or services according to the current rates of A Filla do Mar.

3. Fees and Payment

3.1 The Expenses will be those indicated by A Filla do Mar to the Client at the time of the Client’s request for a Reservation.
3.2 Unless otherwise agreed by A Filla do Mar, the Expenses will only cover the provision of accommodation in the Hostel and the Client may incur additional expenses such as, for example, food and bar expenses.
3.3 Clients will be informed of the amount of additional Expenses before incurring them.
3.4 If the advance payment has not been made at the time of making the Reservation, the Client must pay the Expenses immediately at the time of registration at the Hostel. Any additional Expenses must be paid at the time they are incurred.
3.5 A Filla do Mar accepts the following payment methods: Credit and debit cards.

4. Cancellations

The client can cancel the reservation without any surcharge, prior notification to A Filla do Mar, 48 hours before the arrival date, in which case A Filla do Mar will reimburse the client for all amounts paid in advance.
When the client has not duly informed of the cancellation, or does not go (no-show) to the hostel, the reservation will be considered canceled and the client must pay A Filla do Mar a sum equivalent to the expenses applicable to the first night of stay.
A Filla do Mar may cancel a reservation at any time in the event of non-availability due to circumstances beyond the control of A Filla do Mar, in which case A Filla do Mar will pay the client a full refund of any booking fees and expenses.
A Filla do Mar may cancel the reservation at any time if the payment details provided by the customer are not valid and the customer does not provide valid alternative details.

5. Check-in and Check-out

5.1 The registration time at the Hostel will be from noon. Registration before this time may be possible, and is subject to availability at the time of arrival.
5.2 Departure time from the Hostel will be 10:00 hours. Departures after this time may entail the charge to the Client corresponding to the accommodation of an additional night at the applicable standard rate.

6. Hostel Rules

6.1 Check our Frequently Asked Questions and Rules section.

7. Food and Drink

7.1 Clients and their Guests may not consume alcoholic beverages purchased abroad.

8. Disabled guests

8.1 A Filla do Mar complies with all laws that govern the treatment and provision of services to disabled Guests.
8.2 Those Clients with any special requirement associated with a disability must inform the management team of the Hostel before the Arrival Date.